ReEntry Columbia focuses on three program areas for those currently or formerly incarcerated.

​Pre-Release Assessment and Planning Program:  ReEntry Columbia provides assistance to those currently in custody who are going to be released back to Columbia County and will work with family members to prepare to reunite.  Assistance focuses on their needs and plans related to housing, employment, transportation, substance abuse treatment, and family issues.  ReEntry offers a court-certified course in Anger Management and partners on cognitive behavioral programs. ReEntry also conducts weekly classes for those incarcerated in the county jail on topics such as job skills development, life skills, stress reduction, and expressive arts.

Post-Release Support Program: ReEntry Columbia provides ongoing assessment and planning related to immediate needs and long-term goals. This includes referrals to local service agencies that can provide specialized support with employment, counseling, and substance abuse treatment. This program is available to those returning to Columbia County from incarceration either in the county jail, state prisons, or federal facilities.  Available to those on probation or with any history of involvement in the criminal justice system.

Support Systems Development Program: ReEntry Columbia works with the Columbia County community to develop support systems that will make it easier for people who are currently and formerly incarcerated to transition back to their communities. The program focuses on issues such as developing reliable transportation support and expanding employment opportunities and housing options. 


Partner Links


Acces-VR -  (518) 473-8097 or (800) 272-5448

Assisting individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living.

Manpower – Career Resources   -  (845) 331-0686 

Northeast Career Planning - (518) 312-4831

Empowering individuals with disabilities or other barriers to achieve their goals toward self-sufficiency and personal success: Vapor Trail Drive, Hudson  

Workforce New York - (518) 828-4181 

Meeting the employment needs of individuals and business: Columbia Greene Community College, 4400 NY-23, Hudson   


Families and Children

Berkshire Farm Prevention Programs  - (518) 671-6550

Provide intensive, home, school and community-based services to preserve the family unit: 11 Warren St, Hudson 

Catholic Charities - (518) 828-8660

Serves, empowers, and advocates all persons in our community regardless of race, creed, lifestyle choice, or religious affiliation with special emphasis on the poor and vulnerable: 431 East Allen St, Hudson

Youth Clubhouse - (518) 567-7771

Provides a safe, supportive, alcohol and drug free environment for its members. Clubhouses welcome all youth 12-17 and young adults 18-21 in recovery from drugs or alcohol, or at risk of developing a substance use disorder. Peer driven activities will promote health, wellness, and long-term recovery: 802 Columbia St Suite 2, Hudson

Columbia Opportunities - (518) 828-4611

Provides opportunities to families and individuals so they may attain the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to become self-reliant: 540 Columbia St, Hudson

Cornell Cooperative Extension - (518) 828-3346

Puts knowledge to work in pursuit of economic vitality, ecological sustainability and social well-being: 479 Route 66, Hudson  

Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood - (518) 828-5418

Helping children successfully break through the intergenerational cycle of poverty and reach their full potential:  369 Warren St, Hudson

Kite’s Nest - (518) 945-8445

Creates safe and supportive learning environments that nurture the confidence, skills, joy, and collective leadership of young people while building justice and equity in our communities: 108 South Front St, Hudson 

Northern Rivers Northeast Parent and Child - (518) 719-8066

Providing coordinated, comprehensive, and responsible delivery of human services to communities in need of our support:  47 North 5th St, Hudson   

Partner Links

Health and Mental Health:

Alliance for Postive Health - (518) 828-3624 

We work with those who face barriers to accessing health care and social services and strive to reduce health disparities: 160 Fairview Ave, Hudson  

Columbia County Mental Health Center
- (518) 828-9446

Helping Columbia County Residents Find Hope & Healing For Over 50 Years: 325 Columbia St, Hudson 

Greener Pathways - (518) 291-4500

Addiction Resources Center: 1301 River St, Valatie 

24-hour HOTLINE : (518) 822-0090

Healthcare Consortium(518) 822-8820

Improving access to healthcare and supporting the health and well-being of the people in our rural community: 325 Columbia St, Hudson

Hudson River Healthcare - (510) 751-3060

Provides the highest quality of comprehensive primary, preventive, behavioral and oral health care and care coordination services to all who seek it, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay: 750 Union St, Hudson 

Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) - (518) 943-5555

Providing effective crisis intervention

Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene - (518) 828-4619

To provide education and advocacy, and to enhance the well-being of individuals, families and communities: 713 Union St, Hudson 

Twin County Recovery Services - (518) 828-9300

Providing services and treatment to men and women affected by addiction and substance abuse: 350 Power Ave, Hudson 

Documents and Benefits:

Columbia County Public Defender (518) 828-3410 :

610 State St, Hudson 

Columbia County Veterans’ Affairs  -  (518) 828-3610 :  

401 State St, Hudson 

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)  -   (518) 828-3350 :

560 Warren St, Hudson 

Department of Social Services (DSS)  - (518) 828-9411 : 

25 Railroad Ave, Hudson  

Social Security Administration  -   (877) 828-1691 : 

747 Warren St, Hudson 

Albany County Reentry Task Force - ( 518) 447-2003 :

175 Green St, Albany

Dutchess County Reentry Task Force - (845) 452-7620 :

85 Cannon St, Poughkeepsie  

Rensselaer County Reentry Task Force - (518) 270-4002 :

80 Second St, Troy 

Orange County Reentry Task Force c/o RECAP - (845) 421-6247 :

280 Broadway, Newburgh, NY 12550-8203